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Are you mother fuckers ready.. [31 Jul 2003|02:14pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm still at my grandmothers house. As of this Monday I will have been here for a month. I don't feel like going home, but I know I have to soon. Gram fears they might take away my car cause I haven't been home *which is really gay if you ask me*

Kris is still bugging the hell out of me! I feel *kinda* bad cause I'm not interested in him and he like wants me but it's like damn, give it a break already. Espectially when I told him a few weeks ago that I wasn't interested. *sigh* I don't mind him as a friend but the things he says online annoys me. *smaches head first into pavement*

For people who haven't realized it yet.. my other sn is Toy Licker Jesus
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